IJACK™ XFER is an advanced automated Multiphase Pump designed for increasing field production transfer to facilities or as a booster for water injection.  With a fully automated and independent system, simply tell XFER your desired pressure and it adjusts automatically to meet your goal.

XFER consists of an independent stand-alone pumping system with a highly efficient power pack. The compressor is built with 4″, 300lb suction and discharge flanges and heavy duty check valves. The standard compressor barrel is rated for 800PSI working pressure. The advanced interactive interface and remote access capabilities give you complete control, wherever you are. XFER can safely compress 100% gas, 100% liquid or a combination of both. Inspired by IJACK’s casing gas compressor EGAS, XFER is the quietest and smoothest pumping system on the market.


XFER features an interactive digital display based on the advanced technology found in our UNO Hydraulic Lift and EGAS systems.
Using the display, the operator can:

  • Set the target suction pressure
  • Set target discharge pressure
  • View current suction and discharge pressures
  • Automatically restart after power failure
  • Send out customized alert notices for various parameters


XFER is designed for fast, easy field deployment. The entire system is safely installed on the ground, with minimal installation and manpower requirements, offering ultimate ease of set up and efficiency. It allows for quick access when performing scheduled maintenance or future upgrades.


Standard XFER models include discharge pressures of Δp 250 and 330PSI allowing the unit to move 6.05 e3m3/d of gas or 2,650 m3/d of fluid and combination of gas and fluid.

Are you working with application requiring a barrel with higher operating pressure? Do you require hardened surfaces to mitigate metal erosion? Higher gas, fluid discharge rates? Let the IJACK team review your needs to determine the best unit for your application, contact us here


IJACK’s proprietary design includes two patented technologies. The first involves a position control system developed to maximize compressor efficiency, patent US10087924. The second is for a buffer chamber design that isolates the hydraulic system from the gas compressor system to eliminate cross contamination of fluid, patent US10167857.

Keeping you on top of well performance.

No matter where your well is. No matter where you are. You’re always in control. The IJACK™ RCOM Remote Monitoring gives you precise, comprehensive up to the minute operating data for your IJACK artificial lift and casing gas compression systems. Never again will you be left in the dark when it comes to your well’s operation and performance.

RCOM assures you your pumpjack is working according to your set criteria, and warns you when it’s not. It provides accurate real-time and historic information you can count on to make proactive production decisions.

Fillage. Strokes per minute. Rod load. Gas flow rate. Casing gas pressure. It’s all at your fingertips, via the IJACK Dashboard. Best of all, you can securely access this information from any authorized mobile device.

Armed with this key information, producers can analyze data and make the required changes to improve performance, efficiency and profitability.


  • Full view of all your IJACK units and locations on one screen.
  • Comprehensive at a glance performance data.
  • Ability to monitor stroke position, rod load, fluid production, pump fillage, horsepower, hydraulic temperature and much more.
  • Alarm/Monitoring with On/Off Indicators.
  • Comprehensive monitoring for IJACK UNO, EGAS, UNOGAS and XFER.
  • Multiple viewing options: Map View, Navigation View, Detail View, Surface Card View, View All.
  • 365-day history (vs. industry standard of 30 days).
  • “Plug and play” (no special setup required).
  • Includes equipment serial numbers for easier reporting, repair and maintenance.
  • Premium security and speed – even at remote well sites.

Two convenient monitoring options.

1. RCOM Subscription-Based Software Solution

Introducing a powerful, convenient, turnkey remote monitoring solution that includes all required RCOM hardware and IJACK’s integrated data service, available on a monthly subscription. All data can be conveniently viewed through your IJACK dashboard on any authorized PC or mobile device. The platform was created in partnerhip with New Boundary Technologies, a global leader in remote monitoring solutions.

SEE OUR ONLINE DEMO Contact Us to access.

2. RCOM Hardware-only Solution

IJACK customers with their own database solution can simply have us equip their UNO, EGAS or UNOGAS unit with RCOM hardware. RCOM hardware is compatible with most SIM cards for seamless data integration within your existing database and user platform. No additional monthly subscription fee is required.