About Us

The IJACK dream began while Dan McCarthy was driving down a dirt road in southeastern Saskatchewan watching conventional pump jacks pump oil.  While driving he couldn’t help but wonder if there was a smarter and more efficient way of doing so, given conventional pump jacks have been doing the job for 100 years.

After watching the agricultural sector add unprecedented technologies to more efficiently apply things like seed, fertilizer, chemical and fungicide, he knew that there was a correlation. With the right approach and engineering, game-changing efficiencies could be implemented into the oil sector. Not long after, IJACK Technologies was launched and the start of an aggressive R&D program was rolled-out.

A few short years later, IJACK is a big player in the oil sector with proven products that are adding efficiencies, and a team of passionate people wanting to make a difference.

The IJACK Team


Dan McCarthy


Dan was raised on a progressive mixed grain and cattle farm in Southeastern Saskatchewan.  After finishing his post-secondary education in Regina, Saskatchewan with a Bachelor’s Degree in industrial systems engineering, he worked as a design engineer for Rite Way Manufacturing, Python Manufacturing and Brandt Agricultural Products.  During his time in the agriculture and industrial equipment industries, he gained an appreciation for the entire manufacturing process from concept through to production and support.

Having always been passionate about creating and designing machines that maximize performance and efficiency, he couldn’t help but wonder why someone hadn’t designed something better for the pump jack industry.  So, in 2010, Dan decided to pursue his passion for oilfield innovations and incorporated IJACK Technologies where his industrial engineering roots are the foundations for each product IJACK creates.


Steve Henry

Vice President – Sales

Steve grew up on a large PFRA community pasture in southwestern Manitoba where his appreciation for land and environment first came to be. Steve completed his education in Virden, Manitoba and started in the oil and gas industry at a young age working within various pipeline and construction projects. In 1997 Steve began his sales career working for a leading oilfield supply company where he was introduced to the artificial lift systems sector and quickly excelled in client service and building lasting relationships. Through the years Steve has completed a number of sales and management courses to further strengthen his knowledge and enhance value for the customer. Steve has traveled throughout North America working with an extensive list of industry clients and has even had the pleasure of working with the Department of National Defence in Canada. Steve’s passion for business, sales and service along with his eagerness to build strong partnerships will benefit IJACK for many years to come.